Boot Camp For My Face?

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At whatever age, the muscles in our face and the importance of toning and exercising them are often overlooked. It's common to rely solely on beauty products to lift and make our face look younger. It's what we want to believe. Creams do have their place and it is essential to hydrate the outer layer of the skin , create a protective barrier against the elements and prepare the skin for applying make-up. But what about the face muscles? Our face makes an incredible number of expressions each day. The muscles respond to our outer world as well as our inner world and  just like other muscles in the body, they can hold tension when we become stressed, feel fear, anxiety or anger.  When we experience enjoyable emotions, the muscles automatically get a nice toning workout and there's a benefit. So how to pinpoint where there is tension that could result in looking tired or aged?

There is a simple tool known as a jade face roller which glides over the face muscles and just a few days of consecutive use can reveal some very sore spots - the places where the muscles were over tensing from over thinking or worrying for example. So this is a good way to get feedback from our body. With this information it is then possible to target train. The most effective way to train the muscles of the face is by using iso-metric toning techniques. The same way a body builder does to build muscle. Muscle fiber activations. occur when a muscle fiber or group of fibers is signaled by the brain via nerves to activate and increase the tension within the muscle. This occurs during exercise such as weight training. The muscles in the human body are made of bundles of muscle fibers that contain thousands of smaller structures called myofibrils, which is where the actual contraction or toning occurs and that is the core of getting a natural Facelift. If we imagine a body builder, the skin is smooth, tight, and the muscle looks lifted and has volume. If we break down anatomy, we know that the skin sits over the muscle, it has layers that can be plumped up through hydration, vitamins. mesotherapy to increase collagen and cellular structure however it is the muscle that actually lifts the face and adds the volume in places that create a younger appearance. Therefore the combined effort in muscle toning with other Natural Facelift techniques is what can really create a 'wow' effect.

Now that we know the basics of why face mucle toning is fundamental to looking younger, more awake and healthier, hopefully it will make sense to look at the correlation between body exercise, mind training and face toning. As with all things natural or Bioregulatory Medicine, it's all about combinations and interplay that compliment to achieve more powerful results with the time and effort invested. There is training for toning our body and very often fitness enthusiasts will see that the face may not match the youthful look of the body and this is where Natural Facelift can really make a difference. If we worked hard to get a toned body naturally, it makes sense to train face muscles to match. Plus the good news is as face muscles are smaller, they respond to exercise really fast!

To help get you started, If you live in Switzerland or visit for work or leisure, I team up to co run an event with an incredible individual, a mum, and a 4 times fitness champion and international fitness trainer Joey Bull who incorporates Muscles and Mind Fit (body), Natural Facelift, Pilates Posture Grace and short detox with juices and vitamins. The next one takes place from 10th September to 28th September 2018. You can come along to get personalised face muscle toning with us, get the know how to continue training at home in your own time. And if you can't be there, tune in to us on this page or on social media We'll share what we do with you!

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Afreen Dylowski