Boosting mood and creative power simply

One of my favorite places and ways I like to set my intention to stay authentic, give back to myself and feel happy is spending time at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond Upon Thames for a dose of flower power, mingling or making photo journals while I collect plants, bulbs or pots for my home decoration projects. I then enjoy walking along Petersham Meadows to Richmond Riverside and on to Bhuti where I help people to ‘Stay Fresh Faced & Feel Vibrant’ with my signature treatments. It’s been well documented how beneficial gardening, parks or being outdoors is for a healthy mind and now the science is emerging to back it up and and it’s quite compelling!


The bowl of lemons at Petersham Nurseries Cafe Richmond reminds me of still life art classes at school and also driving along the Amalfi Coast in Italy seeing large baskets of gigantic lemons below the lemon trees. From an early age, I’ve been using fresh lemons to transmute negative energy in the home by cutting a few in half and using as air purifiers. I also use them in rooms whole as negative energy detectors / cleaners.

I feel distinctly better just being close to the floating flowers at Petersham Nurseries, observing their vibrancy in colour and using my imagination to decode their energetic message. Many ancient ayurvedic medicine and flower essence tinctures are made in water. The water molecules form beautiful patterns that resemble the vibrational energy of the flowers. It’s as if the water takes a finger print. I like Masaru Emoto’s work and The Science of Water because I can ‘see’ the change.

I’m a bit like a girl and her shoes with seeds and flower bulbs. There’s always room for more! I mindfully plant flower bulbs that bloom in Spring around the Autumn Equinox and set intentions about what I want to see grow in my life and therefore what thoughts to plant in my mind while I select and plant my flower bulbs into the soil.

When I give Bio Facelift treatments at Bhuti Richmond, I occasionally I like to mix things up a little and add fresh ingredients direct from the plant. Aloe is my ‘go to’ plant when I want to sooth, cool and hydrate the skin. The one in the photo looks fairly unassuming but Aloe gel packs a punch with antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, and it’s highly anti-inflammatory.

When like minded people visit a place, it makes for positive energy exchanges and they are just as good with known and unknown people, even furry friends. I’m mesmerised by Neuroscientist Dr Moran Cerf’s breakthroughs about how the brain works. Brain scans show that our brain will change to match other’s in a room by ‘osmosis’. Now that I understand and believe the science, I choose to spend time in places where I feel attract good energy because my environment can influence my well-being.

I really enjoy the creative process of seeing environments through a lens at different angles. Just a minor shift in angle or light can change the composition considerably. The subject remains the same. Authentic. I think the same can be true of people and shifting our perspectives.