How to recover from jet lag -naturally and more effectively

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I have been flying long haul since age 1 and every job I had included travel which is just as well because I love it. The bit I don't like is jet lag after long flights. Especially if I need to perform my best on arrival. I found a couple of ways to feel better which are quite simple and work for really busy schedules. Apart from the things you may already know such as drinking more water etc.. here they are a couple of things you might like to try:

  • Dry body brushing. It's exactly as you would expect - get a dry bristle brush and brush your skin vigorously. Many say it's to be done in a certain motion and direction. I simplify and just brush my skin and as well as removing dry skin it stimulates the lymphatic system and removes toxins. I feel energised soon afterwards. I take a cool shower then relax in a very waem bath. 
  • Grapefruit aromatherapy oil preferably organic. My current favourite brand is Neal's Yard Remedies. I blend it with almond oil and mssage onto pulse points and my neck after a very warm bath. If you have time to sleep, you can use Lavender aromatherapy oil which aids restfulness and sleep.
  • Arnica Homeopathy. This really helps me to adjust to the local time zone quickly. Before you take this please check with your physician what potency is best for you and whether it is safe to integrate it into your current wellness ritual. 
  • Helios Jet Lag combimation homeopathy (Electricitas, Radium Bromide, Arnica) this combination is such a great trio and brilliant for when I need to be in my element on arrival and do energy work or work that requires me to be composed internally and project a revitalised effect externally. 

If you have a stopover in the UK and interested to add on more to this at my clinic in Mayfair, please book in early to make sure we can optimise the time in your schedule. I look forward to seeing you or hearing about how you get on with your jet lag bounce back! 

Much love