How to stay in your power by looking cool and stylish

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'Everything has to look like you didn't try, like you just are, the lingerie is one of those things that's why you must wear it everyday and enjoy it and wear things that fit you so it's like what? You didn't put it on for him you're not stumbling out of the bedroom like 'Oh I put this on for you and posing' you know, you're already wearing it (everyday) and it's like he's lucky if he's there and he gets to experience it' -

Dita Von Teese on 'The Art of Seduction

I like Dita's idea about dressing to feel good everyday not just for a special occassion. When I have been able to do that, over time it did flow and my sense of style came together naturally and I attracted more good outcomes and experiences.

One of the things I read about as a teen is when shopping for new clothes, to think of someone whose style I really admire and ask myself whether they would wear it or not. This strategy got me out of so many unnessesary purchases! But unlike Dita, my signature style is constantly evolving. I have started to experiment with colours, cuts, fabrics and more. These days I benefit from dress rehearsals instead of throwing clothes on and hoping they will work. I respect the process of dressing as valuable time. I honour the idea that I am respecting myself and others in the care I take to select outfits. Instead of fashion I consider what memories I am making with my choices. Think of a special person in your life who you just remember for the perfume they wore or a particular accessory or their personal style. If the image is vivid, just think how powerful it is and that you have the same power to leave an impresson on others. 

I am continually inspired by people who are brave enough to be themselves, be individual and totally rock! During transitions in life, my style changes and sometimes I don't have the edge. When this happens, instead of retail therapy, I aim to look at what's really going on. Get intropsective and check in with myself by allowing myself time to feel what I feel without judgement. Just observe. I make one subtle change and watch how it ripples into other areas. If I can get this right, I can be more creative with the pieces I already own in my wardrobe. The goal is to find a piece of contentment within. Then what is worn outwardly exhibits that feeling, 

If you are already doing this, then you're probably feeling more confident. That confidence is is probably showing in the way you carry yourself, how you walk and you are probably attracting things that make you happy. If you have your own story, or your tips on effortlessly cool style. I would love to hear about them. Connect with me via the 'Contact' page. 



Afreen Dylowski