Why Daily Rituals Matter

Natural Medicine or Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is pushing it's way to the forefront with the provings. If people use it, and it works, the benefits become undeniable in efficacy. 

I have always had an awareness of what I can do to manage or optimise my well-being. For me It feels empowering to have control over choices and habits. When the good results begin to show even the very subtle ones, it feels like a big win.

All good so far, but what about when a new well-being finding becomes really popular plus the numerous things I read or learn about to stay healthy? How do I fit it into the schedule?

Here's a story...when I first completed my Reiki practitioner course. I had learnt so much about energy medicine and the power of healing I was elated with my new found passion, however it took time and patience to master how to integrate this with my daily routine and tasks. The biggest thing I learnt is that I was in a state of transition and I am still learning to allow myself to unfold in the state of transition. I started with trying to integrate everything pefectly and that did not go so well for me, gradually I cherry picked a few favourites which now flow quite naturally and these days I don't allow myself to be pressured by the latest discovery to act straight away and I choose well-being rituals that fit into my lifestyle.

If something does not work for me now, it may do at another time and that's O.K.

This brings me to the 'be present' or 'be here now' mantra that I have come across in various teachings. Personally I struggle with this as much as I love the concept. My mind loves to race around several future potential outcomes and wants to plan. I am always in admiration of people who seem to be able to freeze time and be in the moment. I just can't. I used to keep trying to meditate more or find a way and now I have started to accept that it's not workign for me now. I have chosen to focus on my strengths. If my mind likes to prepare for the landscape ahead instead of spending more time being present then that's what I allow myself. I plan things that make me feel excited and I always write them down using pen to paper. Never electronically. It could be mundane things like a new recipe for a meal or at the upper end of my excitement scale - going to a concert or live show. Then, in the spirit of positive psychology teachings, I flow in the enjoyment of a truly exhilarating experience. That's how I create my way of 'being here now'. 

So what's the 'takeaway' from this that you or anyone can try?

  • Follow your intuition, be selective and choose health and well-being options that you want to do and that feel good.
  • See whether you can find a way to modify the practice in a safe way to effectively fit into your world and your current lifestyle.
  • If a ritual does not feel easy to accompplish with enthusiasm, stop and re-calibrate. Ask yourself whether it is information to share with another or for you at some point in the future.
  • In the spirit of Ayurvedic practise, simplify and in salute to the Positive Psychology movement, look for small pleasures and treasures in the things that you already do, and do very well without trying. 

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