Homeopathy experiences simplified

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I feel like I float in air like the picture when I achieve a major transformation with Homeopathy. Although my fascination with Homeopathy began as a child, it's enigmatic way of working engrossed me long after I began my practice. Over time, wisdom increased as did very intense life experiences some of which have been deeply testing and Homeopathy has frequently taken centre stage for me in addressing specific conditions in my world. 

As a student, learning techniques for sharpening my intuition to help myself and others through my work, so many energy shifts ocurred very dynamically and certain experiences that had manifested in either physical form or emotional turbulences appeared in a pattern and that pattern repeated in different guises. Things I thought had long been resolved returned in milder ways. For example sinus congestion at set times in the year or cold sores triggered by specific circumstances. 

When I first took Homeopathy, I noticed the dual nature in which in it works both gentle and powerful at the same time. I did not feel as if there was a great force at work however when the remedy took action the changes were profound. In some instances the remedy brought out unexpected anger or tears and in other instances I dreamt very vivid scenarios about difficult matters that were not easy to express. This common and known as a healing aggravation and many practitioners welcome it as a sign of the remedy at work, provided the aggravation is short term (one to three days). Each remedy erradicated the causes of symptoms and how they were playing out in my life completely. Often I am so surprised at how effective the remedies are. Especially given that they look so sweet in tiny pills of sugar carrying a potent imprint of power.

So what is Homeopathy? There are many textbook definitions but I am going to try to use my own words to explain. In this approach to medicine, whatever a patient feels or wants to cure, a remedy with the exact or most similar characteristics is matched. For example, to cure nasal irritation or rhinitis which is accompanied by watery eyes, a remedy with an imprint of onion is given because when sliced, onion creates watery eyes and sometimes nasal irritation or sneezing. If matched with accuracy and discernment, the remedy works on the cause of the symptoms which can be different in each of us. In the remedy, there is no actual particle of onion whatsover. Rather a dynamic imprint of the charactersitics of onion. The imprint of the character of onions is taken by diluting it in water and shaking it. This is known as succusion, potentisation or dynamisation. The more diluted the remedy. the more potent it is. This is  one of the reasons Homeopathy is considered very safe because it's non addictive and has no harmful substances. It is also the reason many people find it difficult to understand how it works. It is the opposite of mainstream medicine. In Homeopathy less is more, and less is powerful. 

What I like most about how the remedies work on me is that prior to taking Homeopathy, I thought that I had healed a particular matter and became surprised and sometimes annoyed when it re-appeared after an unexpected trigger. I used to feel like the process required a lot of patience. After I took Homeopathy, I found that certain recurring patterns either disappeared completely or the emotional charge diminished. The previous triggers did not bother me anymore. For example, every time I was in cold air my nasal passages used to become irritated and congested and I would spend the following weeks recovering. That has stopped. I used to get very severe cold sores on the corners of my lips and now they rarely appear. Apart from the physical aspects, I had some very deep emotional trauma which now feels totally resolved. As a result I do not carry old feelings into new experiences or interactions with people. I feel liberated and relieved that the core of a situation has been addressed.

In some cases, the remedies I take act very quicky and in others it is a process. Either way, I get deep satisfaction from experiencing that the remedies act in an intelligent way to respond to me as an individual. I enjoy watching people flourish in their lives when I see visitors at my practice.  It's nice to be able to connect with how the remedy is working given I have tried many remedies myself.