Recalibrating with a Shamanic bath ritual

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No one can be healed unless they give their complete permission for the healing and take responsibility for their part in it. This view of Shamanism resonates with me a lot. It sums up how most unconventional methods of well-being take effect. 

In my first encounter with a Shaman, I was unaware of the practises. I just had a goal that was so clear to me that I was interested in the outcome and trusted the process. As I learn more, I recall the making of a healing bath remedy.

Many Shamans make the healing bath for their client but in my case I was advised to make it myself. I'm glad this happened because the thoughts and intentions while I collected the ingredients and while preparing the bath created a special memory and I found the art of making the remedy captivating. 

Here is the list of ingredients which were recommended that I mix in a glass or metal vessel: 

  • Pure organic rose otto aromatherapy oil - as many drops as I felt appropriate (representing love and opening of the heart) 
  • One large orange sliced into circular discs (representing the energy of the sun)
  • A jar of honey (representing sweetness)
  • Fresh milk
  • Rose petals (harnessing romance and beauty)
  • Fresh chrysanthemum or marigold flowers (symbolising optimism and joy)
  • Cinnamon - a sprinkling symbolising drawing in love and protection 


  • If possible, plan to bathe on the night of a full moon or new moon.
  • Let the ingredients infuse overnight in the refrigerator. and pour into a warm bath. 
  • Light a candle and set the intention for the bath or read out a soul manifestation list
  • Finally indulge in the beautiful aroma, sights of being engulfed in flowers, rose petals and exuberant ingredients.


The bathtub requires careful cleaning of all the ingredients. If at all possible, it's good to ask a helper for this to keep in your state of tranquility. But if that's not an option, see whether it might be possible to incorporate the cleaning of the bath tub into your ritual. 

I began to notice that bathing for healing or manifestation is prevalent in so many cultures and has been around for centuries. The Hammam ritual in north Africa, Japanese bathing rituals and roman baths to name a few. This ritual is fairly inexpensive but in my experience extremely powerful.

Do you have any bathing rituals that are ancient and powerful? I'd love to know what works for you.

Happy healing!


Afreen Dylowski