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Bio facelift | Aesthetic Bioregulatory Medicine

How it works

Activates, builds, tones and nourishes face muscles and rejuvenates the structure from the inside out -  muscle, middle layer of skin to outer skin. As Acupuncture and Acupressure points in the face link to meridiens directly connected to specific organs of the body, it means while your face receives attention, your body does too. Multiple treatments work in synergy like a circuit that creates a naturally fresh faced complexion. Just like physical exercise and diet, results in the face are cumulative in response to commitment, effort and perseverance. There is however one key difference. Face muscles are smaller, so respond faster and the payback is beautiful naturally sparkling younger complexion which is sustainable on your own with face isometric muscle training tailored to you. Sustainable results, at your leisure, wherever you go!

at each Appointment

Unlimited Mesotherapy injections

Cosmetic Acupuncture


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage

Face Muscle Isometric Toning   



Natural medical grade injectable Homeopathic preparations. Brands range from Heel, Dr Rekeweg, Guna. Skincare preparations range from aloe vera gel direct from the plant, organic aromatherapy essential oils, Mauli Rituals Face Serum.


Five individual therapies integrated


£60 - Payable once, prior to first appointment


£250 - Bio Facelift appointment (five treatments)


1  hour

How Often?

The ideal is weekly for six weeks. After this occasional maintenance appointments work well. Results can vary depending on your complexion and lifestyle. That said, there are no rules. You can manage the frequency you feel most suitable and satisfactory to you.