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Frequency Tuning

Understanding energy and vibrational medicine often requires an immersive experience. Practitioners facilitate a transformation from the current state to a different or new one at an energetic or cellular level within, as well as the vibrational and magnetic resonance in the client's aura.

Most vibrational frequency practitioners have experienced personal events which created a rite of passage to becoming a facilitator to others. Through their humbling experiences, authentic practitioners do not claim to be the giver of energy medicine, rather an initiator or facilitator. Often, magical transformations occur by what is sometimes referred to as universal energy, chi and other references.

Simplified, it's an enabler like the relationship between athlete and coach, film director and actor or recording artist and producer. One person facilitates and the other creates or performs. In sound frequency, a voice or instrument requires tuning up for the optimal output. That's similar to how Vibrational Medicine transforms. It is particularly effective for emotional well-being and can assist some acute conditions and recovery after injury or surgery. The applications for Energy Frequency Tuning is broad however here are a few scenarios where it's particularly an exceptional a catalyst for wellness: 

  • Lead up to a milestone for poise 

  • Clearing past energy patterns (recurrences)

  • Recovery (after childbirth, physical exertion, surgery)

  • Creating wholeness within after a separation (relationship / child growing up / job)

  • Decision making - disconnecting from the logical to seeking inner wisdom

Make a change in one aspect of your life and you’ll find a corresponding change happens in another
— Afreen Dylowski MSBM, POTENTISE


£80 - Each appointment (1 hour) Reiki | Energy Counselling | Vibrational Medicine


£40 - Payable once, prior to first appointment

Treatment Location

Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy, 87 Duke Street, Mayfair, London, England, United Kingdom W1K 5PQ.

A beautiful environment, emanating tranquility. Discreet and convenient, with a dispensing pharmacy.

Located just a short walk from Bond Street underground station.