What is Microneedling Collagen Treatment?

A micro needle medical device is rolled over the skin surface to stimulate it and activate regeneration repair and resurfacing


For What Skin Conditions is it most Effective? 

Scars (acne) | Deep expression lines | Sun damage | Dehydrated skin | Eyebrows regrowth |



£100 - Each Microneedle Collagen Treatment (Includes sterile medical device) 


£60 - Payable once, prior to first appointment

A relaxed free flowing face to face session. Skype can be used for long distance / international appointments. The duration is not timed because everyone has their unique picture of health. 

There is no waiting room allowing for discretion and undivided attention as well as discreet arrival, departure and interaction space, Arrive and park calmly with ample free parking spaces,

Experience an empathetic and harmonious experience.