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Aesthetic Bioregulatory Medicine

Activates, builds, tones and nourishes face muscles and rejuvenates the structure from the inside out -  muscle, middle layer of skin to outer skin. Meanwhile your whole body receives attention via meridians in the face, directly connected to specific organs of the body.  Like physical exercise, results in the face are cumulative in response to commitment, effort and perseverance and the payback is beautiful naturally sparkling younger complexion which is sustainable on your own with the help of personalised complimentary 'at home programme' training. Putting power back in your hands.  Additionally benefit from ongoing complimentary face isomentric sessions, and there's more, during appointments, Bioregulatory Aesthetic Medicine is unlimited to all areas of the face. This is about the whole face and the whole you. 

Bio Facelift 

Multiple treatments at each appointment - Mesotherapy| Cosmetic Acupuncture | Acupressure | Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Face Muscle Isometric Toning     

Collagen Microneedling

To fade scars, expression lines, sun damage. encourage eyebrows regrowth and more. A photon ultrasound LED light device delivers collagen deeper in the skin.


£60 - Payable once, prior to first appointment


£250 - Bio Facelift appointment (five treatments)

£200 - Collagen Microneedling (includes microneedling device)


1  hour