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Bioregulatory Medicine


Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Medicine naturally regulates, adapts, regenerates and self heals mind and body. Encouraging Homeostasis by calibrating systems such as nervous digestive immune and endocrine. Every Bioregulatory System in our body is intimately related on an electrical and biochemical basis which can be enhanced with Homeopathic preparations. No cell system in our body works independently so we’ll explore dysregulation as a whole. When our bosdies systems function optimally, we can excel and exceed. Outcomes are sustainable, the process is conscious and Homeopathic preparations are natural and safe. Instead of suppressing systems, we’ll optimise your entire physiology which can even reverse aging.

Homeopathy | Detoxification | Homotoxicology

Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal through vibrational medicine and nutrition. Homeopathy acts deeply on a several conditions usually linked to emotional triggers and often aids total cure in some cases. The process is organic and completely tailored and unique to your character and life experiences. 

vibrational Energy Frequency Tuning

An immersive experience supporting the lead up to a performance, clearing recurring patterns, recovery after surgery or childbirth, wholeness after a transition (new job / relationship / child growing up),  making decisions from the heart. The process combines energy healing. vibrational medicine and energy coaching.  


£60 - Payable once, prior to first appointment


Bioregulatory Medicine £280 

Vibrational Energy Frequency Tuning £100


1 hour 30 minutes


aesthetic Bioregulatory Medicine 

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