What is Bioregulatory Medicine?

Bioregulation, as the name suggests, is the regulation of biological / physiological, emotional and mental states to bring balance for optimal functioning. Bioregulatory medicine strives to engage our inner capacity to regulate the physiological systems and functions to maintain balance also known as homeostasis. In simple terms, when we are hot our body sweats to regulate body temperature. It's a natural in built regulation system to prevent our body from overheating. We don't think about it or we don't need to activate it. It just happens. Bioregulatory medicine works in a similar way to seek out potential imbalances in the body, the mind, emotional states and make subtle changes in course to encourage any imbalances towards homeostasis. Empowering our body to self regulate, self heal and stay balanced. 

What is Bioregulatory Aesthetic medicine?

This treatment is specifically for the face. It incorporates five individual natural therapeutic treatments at each appointment. Cosmetic acupuncture, mesotherapy, medical face massage (manual lymphatic drainage), face acupressure and face muscle building and isometric toning exercises make up the treatment. In addition, dermaroller and photon ultrasound can be incorporated to customise and maximise the outcome. 

What sensations can I expect from A Bioregulatory Aesthetic medicine treatment?

Although it is not a surgical treatment, minor colouring in the face can appear which usually passes in few days.

Mesotherapy, (liquid form homeopathic complexes) are injected via fine needles. Cosmetic acupuncture needles are used to stimulate a natural lifting effect. The face muscles are very deeply massaged to release tension. Subsequently during some of the treatment and afterwards, it's common to feel sensations. You'll be supported by breathing exercises. A homeopathic recovery cream is applied to support the skin after treatment. There are also a number of pre treatment recommendations which can assist you during your appointment.

How does Bioregulatory Aesthetic medicine compare with Botox?

The goal is to activate, build tone and nourish redundant face muscles and rejuvenate the skin structure from the inside out.  Botox primarily works on decommissioning the face muscles, temporarily paralysing them to smooth wrinkles. Over time, this can result in loss of facial expression and face muscle atrophy. Botox and dermal filler treatments are typically limited to one or two areas of the face per treatment session. Bioregulatory Aesthetic Medicine is not limited to two or three areas of the face per appointment, the treatment is for the whole face and the whole person.

Who is Bioregulatory Medicine for?

Anyone who is open to introspection, self realisation and new sensations. Some people respond far better than others and they tend to have an open honest and self-aware disposition. There tends to be three categories in the choice of  Bioregulatory Medicine:

Preventative, meaning actively maintaining healthy skin and health

Regenerative, which may be a goal to improve health and the vibrancy in the face after a major life event or surgery.

Aesthetic, a conscious choice to maintain appearance and well being naturally as part of a stay well programme or prior to a special event or milestone such as getting married.

What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is the science of toxins and their removal from the human body. It is integral in Bioregulatory medicine and offers a theory of disease which describes the severity and duration of an illness or disorder based on toxin-loading relative to our body’s ability to detoxify. Toxins progressively overwhelm our ability to eliminate waste effectively. Homotoxicology explains what you can expect to see as you start removing toxins.

There is a hierarchy of toxic substances. The homotoxicology approach is to remove the gentler ones first. As the body strengthens, it will be able to eliminate the  heavy metals. 

It was founded by a German physician named Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg who studied medicine in Berlin, came into contact with homeopathy, and began integrating his ideas into a framework that’s part of what’s known as German Biological Medicine. Homotoxicology used complex (combination) homeopathy remedies that work in synergy. 

What is the 'Six Phase Table' in Homotoxicology? 

As an example, when a pathogen enters the body it causes a reflex reaction designed to expel it by diarrhoea, vomiting, cough, tears. 

Phase 1: Excretion

If your body fails to get rid of the offender in this initial phase, the disturbance will move deeper into the system and cause an infection or inflammation in specific areas (any condition ending in -itis).

Phase 2: Inflammation

If an inflammation is suppressed as done in mainstream allopathic medicine, the pathogen may become dormant. As a result, more chronic problems tend to follow at a later time. For now such a pathogen is "hidden away" in the interstitial fluid, the fluid surrounding all cells.

Phase 3: Deposition

We know that this is whenT3 and T4 immune system cells are springing into action. As a result, the lymph (the body's cleaning pathway) goes into overload. Any disease and condition up to this third stage may be reversed quite easily. an illness needs to be guided back step-by-step in the reverse direction through all its stages.

In other words: Once a pathogen reaches cell fluids, the healing process may have to pass through another stage of inflammation (Phase 2) before the body has the opportunity to get rid of the pathogen (Phase 1). Homeopathy refers to the possible initial deterioration as a "healing crisis."

Phase 4: Impregnation

If a pathogen is not bound and repelled through any one of the first three stages, it can find its way into your cells. It is getting much harder now to find effective ways to get rid of the invader. Phase 4 is where glucose intolerance, malabsorption issues, autoimmune deficiencies, irritable bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and many other conditions are categorized. All too often, these problems are not properly diagnosed; laboratory tests commonly used by mainstream medicine in this phase are rarely indicative or conclusive.

Phase 5: Degeneration

If the vicariation (reversal) process is unsuccessful at Phase 4, the pathogenic development will proceed to Phase 5, the "Degeneration Phase." The presence of the invader inside your cells starts interfering with your normal cell functions and processes. As a result, health noticeably degenerates. Finally, at this stage, laboratory tests start picking up on a problem. The diagnosis of diabetes falls into this phase.

What happens next? If it has not done so earlier, natural medicine attempts at pulling the body back to Phase 4, then Phase 3, and onwards in the process of vicariation. Mainstream medicine, on the other hand, by using drugs, suppresses the disease (in most cases) rather than helping the body step-by-step to get back to its original function. Prescription medications may stabilise the disease at this level.

Changes in cells keep taking place. Therefore, it is likely that the disease process may affect other organs and functions too If the disease factor is allowed to linger in this Phase 5, further deterioration is possible. This much depends on the state of the immune system.

Phase 6: Dedifferentiation or Neoplasm

There are two possible outcomes in what Dr. Reckeweg calls Phase 6, the "Dedifferentiation Phase" or the "Neoplasm Phase." First, the damage to cells continues to the point where the cell function impairs or shuts down one or several organs. Second, the pathogenic cells start taking over, develop a plan of their own and metastasise through the body to other structures. 

Homotoxicology aims at balancing the body and directing biological processes towards phase 1.

CAN Reiki or VIBRATIONAL frequency ENERGY be measured?

Yes, and the best measure is by trying it out (you'll get a sense intuitively whether it's for you). Other ways to measure energy fields using devices is with dowsing rods, a rayotensor and Kirlian cameras which can photograph a person's aura before and after. These are simple devices and there are also more advanced devices which can record biofeedback loops gradually appearing on the market for home use. The simple measurements tend to be experiential or visual rather than metric. One way to explore and see visual patterns in the measurement of energy or vibrational medicine is through Masaru Emoto's water crystal experiments. The photographs of the attractive crystals are both fascinating and compelling.



What is the Bioregulatory Medicine Approach?

It is a person centred therapeutic approach focused on the body’s capability to self-regulate. The remedies aim at supporting and mobilising our own internal mechanisms to promote healing instead of suppressing the symptoms of a disease or illness. They target specific areas in the body which enables the medicines to be naturally effective without triggering long term side effects. The treatment approach cultivates a spirit of open mindedness, honesty and trust between the patient and practitioner. 

What role do I play In treatment?

A leading role! Bioregulatory medicine treatment is the reverse of allopathic or mainstream medicine where you may visit a physician and consciously or subconsciously rely on or become dependent on the physician for the accurate diagnosis and cure. Bioregulatory medicine practitioners work much like a coach with a high performing athlete. The athlete already has the skills, has a gift and unique abilities and the coach brings awareness to them and trains the athlete how to use them advantageously. Bioregulatory treatment means accepting personal responsibility for our own health and making conscious choices for maintaining systemic balance. Sometimes in fine tuning our body, mind and emotions there can be frustration or discomfort. New experiences towards optimal health can bring up many unexpected emotions. Embracing these nuances and becoming more aware of them can bring about curative outcomes that can mark major self realisation milestones in ones health and well-being journey. Your health is in your hands. 

How many treatments will I need?

This varies with personal goals, individual diet and lifestyle, past patterns and life event factors. For example, a person on a juice diet for cleansing but smoking heavily as well as experiencing sleep deprivation may not respond as quickly as a person who pays attention to habits, lifestyle choices and more. There is no judgement, because each person is responsible for their own progress supported and guided by the practitioner.  At your consultation, a  goal and it the estimated number of treatments can be discussed.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

It's good to set an intention or a wish. Think of what outcome you would like. One that you are willing to share during your consultation. See whether it can be something that is really meaningful to you. For aesthetic medicine, you'll be given a choice of easy to do / use pre - treatment protocols to facilitate treatment.  

Do you offer consultations prior to appointments?

Absolutely! This is an integral element to connect and form a good understanding, discuss your motivation and connect with authenticity, honesty and integrity. The spotlight will be on you, taking a picture of your overall health, well-being and lifestyle and discussing how the outcome might look and feel. Consultations are given in person or via Skype. There is no clock watching. We will focus entirely on you for the duration you feel happy to continue. 

What is the duration of an appointment? 

Typically treatment time is between one hour to an hour and thirty minutes, however allowing yourself extra time can benefit you greatly towards an unhurried experience. 

What are typical cases?  

If you want to look well and feel it authentically from inside and keep it lasting, then it is likely you will love Bioregulatory Medicine. This type of work is broad however I've listed a few scenarios which I hope helps.

  • Post operative regenerative - People who have had a lot of worry, before surgery which may have manifested in the body and can sometimes show in the face even after surgery or recovery. 
  • New parents (preventative and regenerative) - people who want to maintain wellness despite sleep deprivation and changing to a very different lifestyle in which new emotional mental and physical demands can feel relentless on energy reserves and become visible in the skin. 
  • Public figures (preventative) - Professional athletes, people who are in the public eye or in a media position such as the music business or film industry. People who's job requires being 'camera ready' or 'event ready'. 
  • Life Events (preventative and regenerative) - People getting married, guests attending a wedding. Situations in which you feel you want to erase away imprints from the past that may be visible  or felt. 

What are the differences between your approach and conventional medical practitioners such as a family doctor / G.P? 

Conventional family doctors are beginning to work in partnership with natural medicine practitioners because of the overwhelming demands on the national healthcare system pointing to the need to assist people to prevent being unwell. 

Conventional doctors are mostly dealing with patients who have symptoms which may need immediate or fast relief. In some cases surgery. Subsequently many conventional doctors typically want to know your symptoms and match them to the best drug to help you to feel better as fast as possible. 

In natural medicine practise. The majority of patients have tried conventional medicines and have not been able to experience satisfactory relief nor an understanding of the cause of their symptoms on the basis of their unique biological make up. They also experienced unwelcome side effects. Natural medicine practitioners like to carefully gather a good picture of each persons state and health taking time to assimilate this and instead of matching remedies that will give immediate relief to the symptoms. they look at the potential causes, the precursors, taking detailed accounts of each person's lifestyle, diet, environmental aspects, life events and constitution. Most often, by treating the causes, the symptoms disappear. In the process clients become more aware of their own well-being and how to optimise it.

Natural medicine practitioners do however rely on conventional medicine for hi tech medical diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanning, medical camera systems, Kirlian images and more, to be able to accurately measure treatment results as well as understand or see physiological changes within the body.

Who is IT for?

Anyone interested in natural paths to health and well-being and natural medicine.

People whose professional careers may have soared earlier and faster than anticipated. and for those who have jobs that involve being 'camera - ready' (looking well) and performance ready (feeling integrated and whole).

Also for anyone desiring a high degree of discretion and privacy (no waiting rooms, private arrival and departure spots), a tranquil and calm location and environment. 

What is Energy Vibrational frequency tuning? 

You'll be in a tranquil space, If you've ever had a beauty treatment, you may be accustomed to the therapist doing work on you, instead, you'll be ready to take the reigns of empowerment to work on yourself and take care of your own well-being.  This eliminates dependency and increases self trust. There will be some hovering of practitioner hands around the aura of your body and you may fall asleep which is totally fine because your inner you will be powering away at energy transformation. There's no spa music or whale sounds. That's because your music taste is unique to you. Music is very powerful as just 5 seconds of a song of sentimental value can transport you to vivid places. Feel free to discuss your music preference prior during consultation. Appointments run for about an hour and fifteen minutes. You may feel like you had a very deep sleep afterwards so it's best to take things easy after treatment.

What can energy Vibrational frequency tuning help with? 

A very broad range of things however it does not replace the diagnostic and testing capabilities of conventional medicine. The strengths sit more a preventative and recovery space. For example the body is designed to fight to stay healthy and very often cannot win the battle of toxic overload. If the toxic load is of an emotional nature, vibrational medicine can be transformational. Keeping our emotional energy well balanced keeps us closer to living, feeling and being well. Also post surgery, the energy fields of the body respond particularly well to vibrational medicine. Most practitioners have a particular niche or strong affinity for a treatment genre. Usually, this develops through their personal experience. Here a a few examples of those: 

  • Performance anxiety (sport / business / entertainment)
  •  Recovery after injury illness or surgery
  • Life events - physiological or emotional sensations (getting married / new job / new home / moving abroad)