What is Photon Ultrasound LED Light treatment?

LED light at different wavelengths plus ultrasound, transports potent concentrates deep into the skin


How does photon ultrasound LED Light improve Complexion?

Fades pigmentation | Deep hydration | Energises cells | Radiant skin | Accelerates repair |



£150 - Each  Photon Ultrasound LED Light Treatment appointment


£60 - Payable once, prior to first appointment

A relaxed free flowing face to face session. Skype can be used for long distance / international appointments.

We will look at your unique picture of health and discuss where you'd like it to be and what you would like to see in yourself.

Treatment Location

Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy, 87 Duke Street, Mayfair, London, England, United Kingdom W1K 5PQ.

A beautiful environment, emanating tranquility. Discreet and convenient, with a dispensing pharmacy.

Located just a short walk from Bond Street underground station.