About Potentise  

Potentise is a private wellness clinic specialising in

  • Natural Aesthetic Medicine (Bio Facelift)
  • Bioregulatory Medicine (Homotoxicology | PNEI)      
  • Energy Frequency Tuning

based a short distance away from London, United Kingdom. 

Founder Afreen Dylowski  established an international following after qualifying in Bioregulatory Aesthetic Medicine at the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine in London.

Following her success she completed the full Bioregulatory Medicine Postgraduate Diploma course, adding to her repertoire of Usui Shihoko Reiki Master Teacher training. 

She is a member of the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine. which endorses the highest standards of practise.

Afreen works in the UK and internationally by appointment.


Afreen Dylowski MSBM

The body mind and energies work in a highly complex yet supremely intelligent way striving towards self healing and self empowering
— Afreen Dylowski